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We felt your frustrations. Then we fixed them.

Reinsurance deserves more than generic software.

We know from experience how inefficient it is to constantly switch between emails, spreadsheets, file sharing sites and policy admin systems. Copying, pasting and losing data in “solutions” that were never built for reinsurance.

It’s more than insurance systems can handle.

In theory we could just adapt an insurance system for reinsurance, and ask the industry to fit into an insurance-shaped box. In practice, reinsurance deals are bespoke, handcrafted masterpieces, and certainly worthy of their own technology.

And the in-house tools there are, only do so much.

How useful is a tool that helps you trade with just one company? Or a solution limited to a specific region? And is it a good idea to put your data into something your competitors have a big equity stake in? We can do more, and deserve better.

All-in-one for all you do.


The leading analytics solution

The integrity of a reinsurance contract relies on the accuracy of information provided. And yet poor quality submission data remains the key cause of delays and higher costs in the placement process.

Using our actuarial and software engineering expertise, we found a way to automate the creation and validation of submission pack analytics.


An intuitive placement platform

As placements get bigger and more complex, and markets demand more information than ever, the amount of admin soars. Leaving clients unsure of the value dealmakers can really add.

In an intuitive workflow tool, our shareable digital risk profiles are of huge benefit to underwriters and automate the boring bits for everyone.


A global reinsurance network

Reinsurance is a relationships industry. But partnerships built primarily on physical proximity result in the same names on the panel, the same brokers bringing you business, and unchanging deals in your portfolio.

With professional profiles, instant messaging and the world’s largest digital reinsurance community, our network is free to join and the best place to find new partners and opportunities.


"Supercede (formerly Riskbook) has managed to build out a highly talented team and bring to market a reinsurance platform that is getting extremely positive feedback from cedents, brokers, and reinsurers.”

— Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Supercede (formerly Riskbook) as they build a market-leading independent reinsurance platform.”

— Damien Lane, Partner at Episode 1 Ventures

"Supercede (formerly Riskbook) provides an excellent example of how e-trading platforms can provide real value in the reinsurance process.”

— Robin Merttens, InsTech London

"Supercede is going to allow us to transform the way we prepare our reinsurance submissions, resulting in less time spent on administrative tasks and reconciliation, and more time on analytics and collaborating with our brokers on strategy. The Analytics platform will allow us to prepare our larger submissions in weeks and not months, while also laying the foundation for a more digital placement process with our brokers and reinsurers.”

— Jamie Morris, Senior Director of Reinsurance Placement

Supercede makes reinsurance a win-win-win.

Our innovative ecosystem is made for cedents who want better submission quality, brokers who want a better placement process, and reinsurers who want better access to risks and data.

Supercede doesn’t disintermediate. With an interconnected and intuitive user experience that easily integrates with your own stack via RESTful JSON APIs, our platform is built to help cedents, brokers and reinsurers find the right partners and build a stronger promise to pay, on the foundation of quality, actuarial-grade data.

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