Manage Any Kind of Reinsurance Deal

Track placements with ease, improve accuracy of risk selection, and increase deal flow capacity, enabling you to be more profitable and grow faster.

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The Complete Platform for Reinsurance Brokers.

Supercede’s powerful reinsurance toolkit gives brokers full control over deal flexibility, streamlines data management, and enables seamless connectivity between your clients and counterparties.

Consolidate Your Portfolio

Access all placements in one place, with an ability to view status, alerts and deadlines in a single intuitive workflow.

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Confidently provide the best presentation of your clients’ data to find the right reinsurers and get the best capacity.

Create Unique Deals

Features for structures yet to be invented, with all lines and products in scope.

Save Time & Resources

Accurately validate cedent data at faster speeds through smart automation, allowing you to focus on the deal.

Connect With Underwriters

Access a global network of reinsurers in our marketplace, allowing you to publish, negotiate, and sign deals.

Collaborate With Cedents

Receive qualified data packs from your clients for easier and faster collaboration.

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The Broker Placement Platform Built for Risk.

Create unique reinsurance deals; add proportional layers with non-proportional features, include one-of-a-kind pricing options, and niche lines of business where the traditional rules don’t apply.

Codify contracts without putting the brakes on creativity. Existing solutions either put your reinsurance ingenuity in a box, or think an algorithm could do a better job.


It’s time for reinsurance technology to empower rather than inhibit. Tech that knows the importance of the tripartite relationship between cedent, broker and reinsurer.

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The Placements Platform Designed for Reinsurance.

From your data to deals and networks, we integrate your whole process, allowing practitioners access to all the information, files, and data points; every interaction, amendment and process all in one place.

Shareable Digital Risk Profiles Built for Treaty, Facultative, and Retrocession.

Instant Messaging in Persistent Group Chat Threads.

Maximum Flexibility for Every Deal Imaginable.

Fastest Upload/Download Speeds & No Limits on File Size.

Features for Structures Yet to Be Invented, With All Lines & Products in Scope.

Quote & Authorisation Tracking Across Multiple Layers & Markets.

Integrated Analytics for Faster Pricing.

Complete Audit Trails Created Automatically.

Independent, Impartial, and Accessible to All.

Our reinsurance platform and ecosystem is completely independent, allowing us to provide impartial reinsurance software to the entire industry.

An Intuitive Workspace
for Better Deal Flow.

Supercede helps cedents and brokers prepare submission packs quickly and accurately for a more reliable presentation of risk to reinsurers.

Placements are consolidated, with data received from cedents directly on the Supercede platform, diminishing the need to rekey data, making it easier to spend time on your reinsurance deals.