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If you’re overwhelmed by admin, you’re in the right place.

You’re spending more time administrating placements than orchestrating them. You’re chasing, not negotiating. Struggling to close deals with so many application windows open. Life’s moreform-filling than fulfilling.

As placements get bigger and more complex, and markets demand more information than ever, the red tape and audit requirements for brokers soar. But technology has truly failed if the future of a reinsurance broker is diminished to admin lackey, or worse, to not exist at all.

And while you’re crushed under mounting admin, your clients are forgetting why you matter. And why they originally began sometimes decade-old relationships. Left to think for themselves, begrudgingly pay commissions, and wonder where the creative teams and product pioneers have gone.

Looking for an end to all your admin? Learn about the benefits of Supercede.

You need technology that believes in you, so that your clients will.

How do you codify a contract without putting the brakes on creativity? What if you want a proportional layer with non-proportional features? Pricing features that you invented uniquely for a deal? Niche lines of business where the traditional rules just don’t apply?


The “solutions” that already exist either put your creativity in a box, or think an algorithm could do a better job. You need reinsurance tech for reinsurance people by reinsurance people. Tech that understands you, the way you work, and the value you could add if allowed to do so. Tech that knows the importance of the tripartite relationship between cedent, broker and reinsurer.

Because reinsurance can be a win-win-win game, as long as someone lays the groundwork for your great work. It’s time for technology that empowers rather than inhibits.

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Tools you can trust, made for risk.

We saw what others were doing. And what they weren’t. And knew you deserved better.

We knew that placements should all be in one place, with the ability to see deal status, notifications and deadlines in a single intuitive workflow. All your communications, quotes and lines, documents and data together, so that nothing will ever fall through the cracks.

Some way to capture the most flexible structures imaginable – and to share them with absolute clarity – for the benefit of your markets, your client, your team and you.

The days of emails and spreadsheets are over.

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You need a reinsurance placement platform.

  • A platform designed exclusively for reinsurance.

    • Shareable digital risk profiles built for treaty, fac and retro.
    • Maximum flexibility for every deal imaginable.
    • Features for structures yet to be invented, with all lines and products in scope.
    • Integrated analytics for faster pricing.
  • Automated admin to unleash your true value.

    • Instant messaging in persistent group chat threads.
    • Quote and authorisation tracking across multiple layers and markets.
    • Fastest upload/download speeds and no limits on file size.
    • A full audit trail created automatically.
  • Aggregate all your tools on one system.

    From your data to deals and networks, we integrate your whole process, allowing practitioners access to all the information, files, and data points. It’s a comprehensive platform with every interaction, amendment and process all in one place.

  • Independent and accessible for everyone.

    Supercede is open for all. Lloyd’s-approved, but globally focused. And because we can’t bear to watch the industry suffer another renewals season with terrible placement technology, our placements are free to everyone.

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