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Quickly prepare accurate submission packs, build digital risk profiles, and seamlessly collaborate with brokers using our purpose-built reinsurance software.

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The Essential Reinsurance Toolkit for Cedents.

Supercede’s powerful features help cedents overcome data challenges, easily connect and work with brokers, and gain accurate pricing for reinsurance.

Work Faster & More Efficiently

Reduce delays and lower costs through our powerful data cleansing and automation tools.

Get Accurate Reinsurance Pricing

Secure accurate pricing by providing a clear representation of your risk portfolio.

Get to Market Faster

Ensure placements are out on time and bound comfortably in advance of inception.

Ensure Accurate & Reliable Data

Reduce data validation for your brokers by getting data right the first time.

Access Better Insights

See how your reinsurance placements are distributed across counterparties.

All Your Data in One Place

Consolidate data in one central hub to avoid anything getting lost.

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Spreadsheets. Your Number’s Up.

The cedent faces a monumental task of bringing together a huge set of complex packs across every one of its portfolios and entities across the globe.

Reinsurance data packs are provided via spreadsheets a million rows long and a hundred columns wide, with files full of error-causing hidden formulas and hard-coded numbers with no explanation for how they were calculated.

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Supercede allows you to prepare trusted reinsurance submission data, developed in close collaboration with cedents, brokers and reinsurers. Say goodbye to manually retyping numbers from scattered PDFs, spreadsheets and file sharing portals.

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Radically Better Reinsurance Data.

As well as collating and validating the data across programmes, sections and subsections, Supercede automates the creation of complex submission packs.

Premium Estimates

Rate Changes

Earned Premium Triangles

Loss Runs

AKA claims bordereau

Loss Triangles

Incurred, paid, outstanding, can extend for expenses etc.

Policy Bordereau

With limit & attachment profiles with user defined bins

Independent, Impartial, and Accessible to All.

Our reinsurance platform and ecosystem is completely independent, allowing us to provide impartial reinsurance software to the entire industry.

An Intuitive Workflow
for Faster Submissions Packs.

Supercede helps cedents and brokers prepare submission packs quickly and accurately for a more reliable presentation of risk to reinsurers.

Pack data is consolidated in one platform rather than several, diminishing the need to rekey data, making it easier to spend time analysing and proof-checking the information.