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Bad data makes for a bad day.

Reinsurance submission data. The main cause of delays and higher costs in the placement process. Expect months of data collection and preparation for the cedent, weeks of back and forth validating for the broker, and days of unzipping, copying, pasting and re-analysing for the reinsurer.

Across all of your placements, that’s a lot of valuable people’s time wasted. Not to mention that after all that, you’ve missed a golden window to get your placement out to market faster and bound comfortably in advance of inception.

Yet things can still get a whole lot worse when the numbers don’t add up. A missing claim plus a strange leap in the premium estimates equals more time lost and more questions asked. Because nobody wants the price of their reinsurance to be loaded for uncertainty. And nobody wants to misrepresent the cedent’s portfolio to the reinsurers they depend on to pay claims when it really counts.

Is your outwards data out of control? 

Spreadsheets. Your number’s up.

The cedent faces a monumental task: bringing together a huge set of complex packs across every one of its portfolios and entities across the globe.

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Not to mention that recent acquisition and the fact that the company already splits its data across countless legacy systems. Oh, and the team member who generated last year’s figures just left the company.

No wonder then that reinsurance data packs are provided via spreadsheets a million rows long and a hundred columns wide. Files full of error-causing hidden formulas and hard-coded numbers with no explanation for how they were calculated.

Table with error in the cell

Understanding and reconciling the content of these spreadsheets is an onerous task for cedents, brokers and underwriters. And this is all before the real work begins.

Have a question about the difference our data could make? 

Actuaries and underwriters unleashed.

If only there was another way to prepare trusted reinsurance submission data, developed in close collaboration with cedents, brokers and reinsurers.

That doesn’t require a highly skilled team to spend their time manually retyping numbers from scattered pdfs, spreadsheets and file sharing portals.


That gave underwriters easy access to the good stuff – the premiums, rate changes, loss runs – ready to be incorporated into their analysis.

That gave brokers solid numbers to be used to get an improvement in terms, and the best possible deal for their clients.

That gave cedents the assurance they’re buying expertly, knowing how their portfolios truly behave.

Ready to see what makes our analytics awesome? 

You need radically better reinsurance data.

Supercede helps cedents and brokers prepare submission packs quickly and accurately, for a more reliable presentation of risk to reinsurers. As well as collating and validating the data across programmes, sections and subsections, Supercede automates the creation of complex submission packs, including:

Premium estimates

Rate changes

Earned premium triangles

Loss runs

AKA claims bordereau

Loss triangles

incurred, paid, outstanding, can extend for expenses etc.

Policy Bordereau

with limit & attachment profiles with user defined bins

Previously there was no digital packaging available for the complexities of global reinsurance deals, now Supercede enables accurate data to flow smoothly from outwards teams to brokers and ultimately, into reinsurer pricing models.

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