From the Ground Up: Building a Reinsurance Technology Tribe

Out there, somewhere, was a reinsurance platform waiting to be built. Too long had reinsurance people been left at the back of the queue for the latest technology.

A Digital Ecosystem Is Essential To The Future Of Reinsurance

We spoke with 11 leading global reinsurance practitioners to gather the insights presented. What would a fully modernised ecosystem look like, and how does it differ from the past?

An Insurtech Identity Crisis

I was asked a question a couple of weeks ago, one that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. (Re)insurance or Technology?

How Supercede can solve the data challenges in reinsurance

The huge opportunity to convert reinsurance data into a format that cedents, brokers, and reinsurers can use to generate actionable insights and streamline processes.

Baden-demic: unmask your reinsurance relationships

Have a read about what to expect, along with how reinsurance tech can help you get the most out of your conference season.

Why We Don't Do Daily Stand-Ups at Supercede

Daily stand-ups; divorced from the reality of how it feels to work effectively with smart people every day.

Innovation leadership, recovered.

Why does everyone think reinsurance is stuck in the past? Take a look at the industry’s historical leadership in adopting new innovations, and digital reinsurance revolution.

Reinsurance, Under Cover

Ask a strategy professor why reinsurance isn’t like other financial markets: and why it shouldn’t try to be.

Do All Roads Lead to Reinsurance?

Why do reinsurance brokers send zip files containing spreadsheets to their clients (the cedent) and to their markets (reinsurers)?

Solving the Industry's Biggest Challenge

The insurance industry is undergoing a rapid and profound transformation as businesses seek to modernise their technology.

Leaner, Meaner Reinsurance Broking

Can offloading legacy systems accelerate firms' transition towards a leaner reinsurance broker model?

Lloyd's Needs a Phoenix Moment

The efforts of Lloyd's to modernise over the past decade have reached a turning point, now could be a unique window for digital reinsurance to take hold.

Riskbook Is Evolving, and so Is Our Brand

We've spent countless hours talking to reinsurance practitioners from around the world; developing a deeper understanding of the pain points they face in their day-to-day lives.

Reinsurance Broking in the Garden

The emergence of star players at challenger brokers is a key theme for 2021; what of challenger brokers’ technology propositions to fill the gap.

Reinsurance Packaging Excess

It’s that time of year again when eager retailers start putting out the holiday cheer a little too early, and reinsurance buyers and sellers start getting their renewal wish lists ready.

Reinsurance Homework?

It’s the first week of September, and for me, as I’m sure is the case with many others, those first few digits of the month are still hard coded into my brain as the return to school.