Riskbook Is Evolving, and So Is Our Brand

I am incredibly proud of what we've accomplished at Riskbook over the past two years; taking the idea of a hyperconnected reinsurance market and delivering a global, Lloyd's-approved placement platform that our community loves.

Along the way we've received support from fantastic investors, won awards, and built a significant following in the industry.

We've also spent countless hours talking to reinsurance practitioners from around the world; developing a deeper understanding of the pain points they face in their day-to-day lives. It is these insights that guide our product and our business.

What we've learned:

  1. The network matters. Connecting a global network of reinsurance practitioners has always been a key part of our mission, but for it to be valuable for all, it must also be accessible for all.
  2. Submission data needs to be better. Far too many people are spending their days wrestling with spreadsheets in an effort to prepare (or understand) reinsurance submission data. We can and must do better.

What we're doing about it:

  1. We are making it easier than ever for you to connect to a global community of brokers and underwriters by making reinsurance placements FREE. Now every reinsurance broker in the world can benefit from our best-in-class (and Lloyd's-approved) placement technology, radically improving the way they build, price and share their risks. Underwriters benefit too, with improved access to consistently presented risks from around the world.
  2. We have added new functionality that lets cedents and brokers quickly build fully digital submission packs. Our powerful technology automatically prepares exhibits, checks for errors and compares year-over-year developments in premiums, claims and more. What's more, digitized submission data makes it easy for underwriters to capture the data they need to price risks more efficiently, return quotes in record time, and reduce uncertainty loading.

Riskbook was a brilliant brand for our initial vision of a user-centric, hyperconnected market and we are eternally grateful to those who helped us build it. As our business evolves and we move towards a holistic, data-driven solution we need a brand that gives us room to achieve our ambition.

The future of reinsurance will allow cedents and brokers to efficiently collaborate and build data-rich submissions. It will allow brokers and underwriters to connect from around the world and manage placements and portfolios digitally. It will be easier than ever for brokers and reinsurers to identify the right partners and develop new business opportunities. 

Structured, data-rich submissions connected to a worldwide community of reinsurance professionals through an intuitive placing platform will change the way reinsurance works for the better, for everyone.

With this vision in mind, I'm excited to announce that Riskbook will be rebranding to Supercede. As Riskbook we built out a rock-solid foundation for radically better reinsurance; as Supercede we're just getting started.

Check out our Analytics, Placements and Network now, on our shiny new website.

Welcome to Supercede.


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