Generali Group embrace Supercede as their reinsurance technology provider following a successful 2022 trial in the UK

London, United Kingdom, December 23rd, 2022 - Generali Group has chosen to prepare and manage their UK Branch reinsurance data with leading reinsurance software provider, Supercede; starting with this January 2023 renewal season.

Generali undertook a trial of the Supercede platform in Autumn 2022, testing the software’s performance in preparing their January 2023 renewal data. The internal reinsurance team were able to significantly reduce manual processing when preparing their submission data, using cutting-edge automation tools designed to standardise data into one consistent format.

Supercede has experienced rapid growth over the last quarter to keep pace with market demand in the face of a challenging renewal period, with more than 140 companies now represented on their platform following the addition of Generali Group UK.

Andrew Parmenter, Chief Reinsurance Officer commented,

There’s huge value in reducing manual processes when it comes to data cleansing and preparation and validation. It’s nice to have my team able to work on other significant tasks without so much of their time taken up by spreadsheets. Supercede has given us a massive advantage in this regard.

Jerad Leigh, CEO of Supercede, added,

This renewal season is highlighting the importance of good data. Renewals are going out later than usual which means time is of the essence; every question a broker or an underwriter has about a cedent’s underlying data is further delaying the process. We’ve built Supercede to solve these problems and speed up the entire reinsurance process. Really clear and accurate data is critical for any renewal, but even more so when working with a condensed time frame.

About Supercede Technology Ltd: Supercede is a company based in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2016, Supercede is the leading reinsurance technology platform that facilitates reinsurance for cedents, brokers and reinsurers.

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