About us

Reinsurance is a world most never see. Predicting and protecting from a future that might never arise, quantifying things others never dream possible, all in the dance of the deal. We did it, we loved it, and got frustrated by it.

When it works reinsurance is thrilling, and sees people use creative intelligence to protect against improbable odds. Safeguarding the few who safeguard the many.

When it doesn’t, reinsurance can be elitist and exhausting. Bureaucracy runs amok, becoming an endless and inefficient combination of protectionism, pretence and paperwork.

It’s ironic that those who anticipate and take risks seem so averse to change. Yet it’s an industry virtually untouched by technological innovation. Insiders don’t go far enough. Outsiders don’t get it at all.

So we set to work, with a potent combination of reinsurance, actuarial, and software engineering talent determined to build a groundbreaking solution for the pain points in our industry. We’re daring to step outside of tradition.

The result is Supercede: an intuitive, essential, all-in-one reinsurance platform that lays the groundwork for your great work.


Meet the industry experts, technologists and strategists changing reinsurance for the better.


Jerad Leigh, Chief Executive Officer

Reinsurance broker and systems expert leading Supercede’s team and vision


Ben Rose, President

Reinsurance underwriter and strategist ensuring Supercede is a win-win-win


Jezen Thomas, Chief Technology Officer

Software specialist leading a nomadic tribe of developers around the globe


Paul Bassan, Chief Actuarial Officer

Reinsurance pricing actuary and mastermind of our Analytics proposition


Ellenie Chan, Customer Success

Insurance innovation champion driving Supercede adoption worldwide


Marc-Aurèle Jules, Operations

Operations superstar maximising the performance of our fully remote team


Paul Gadsby, Reinsurance Consultant

Outwards reinsurance buyer advocating productive technology for Ceded Re ops


Tom Spier, Business Development

Re/insurance sales strategist creating value from global partnerships



"Supercede (formerly Riskbook) has managed to build out a highly talented team and bring to market a reinsurance platform that is getting extremely positive feedback from cedents, brokers, and reinsurers.”

— Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp https://seedcamp.com/riskbook-raises-2m-for-its-hypercon

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Supercede (formerly Riskbook) as they build a market-leading independent reinsurance platform.”

— Damien Lane, Partner at Episode 1 Ventures https://www.reinsurancene.ws/riskbook-secures-2mn-in-n

"Supercede (formerly Riskbook) provides an excellent example of how e-trading platforms can provide real value in the reinsurance process.”

— Robin Merttens, InsTech London https://www.instech.london/download-e-trading-platforms-2021-challenges-opportunities-imperative

"Supercede is going to allow us to transform the way we prepare our reinsurance submissions, resulting in less time spent on administrative tasks and reconciliation, and more time on analytics and collaborating with our brokers on strategy. The Analytics platform will allow us to prepare our larger submissions in weeks and not months, while also laying the foundation for a more digital placement process with our brokers and reinsurers.”

— Jamie Morris, Senior Director of Reinsurance Placement https://supercede.com/media/press-releases/supercede-markel