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You’re a big fish in a small pond.

You know the East Coast like your morning toast. Or Baden Baden like your own back garden. Perhaps everyone you need to know is located within a single Square Mile. And everyone else, well, you’ll bump into them between meetings in Monaco. Hopefully.

Are there other brokers, underwriters, client portfolios and markets out there? Of course there are. And to find them, previously you had two options: another office or another conference.

With such a large initial investment and so little proof of potential, the shine of overseas expansion has certainly diminished. Bricks and mortar, boots on the ground, entertainment; you end up with more offices than you can support, before you’ve even had a chance to start making deals.


Meanwhile plane food, jet lag and hungover red-eyes mean the appeal of air travel is not what it once was. Plus our increasingly carbon-conscious selves have to wonder at the need to fly executives all over the world to the classic seasonal reinsurance conferences.

So is there a better way to build unrivalled networks without unsustainable travel or a physical presence? Yes, there is now.

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There are other networks. But they’re not working.

Online networks are by no means a new concept. And in a generic sense, nor are they the answer. Because in this industry relationships truly matter. A level of trust and credibility is required before business discussions even begin.


Most professional networks are too broad. Merely a stream of irrelevant connection requests for services you have no interest in. While others are too personal for professional matters. Crucially, neither is a place you’d want to conclude a deal if a relationship had potential. Leaving reinsurance stuck in an email back and forth.

If only we could capitalise on the worldwide interactivity afforded by digital communication. Using it to reach out, strike up a conversation, explore a network of global reinsurance people. Perhaps share a risk, if things go well.

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Open to all. Exclusive to reinsurance.

Reinsurance deals are under increasing scrutiny, so is your claim to the best relationships, deals and markets. You need the power of an unrivalled network around you – open to all, but exclusive to our industry.

You need a better way to connect with reinsurance professionals. Those you already know, and those you should. A way to select the best partners and opportunities that isn’t built on physical proximity or drinking clubs. That doesn’t cost the earth, fully embracing the digital world instead.

And imagine establishing your global network on the foundation of trusted analytics, and a placement tool made exclusively for our needs. Because with the data and dealmakers in place, online networking finally makes sense for reinsurance.

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You need an unrivalled reinsurance network.

Supercede is the largest online network for reinsurance people ever created. At least it will be, with people like you. We need people like you who have read this far, people who didn’t stop at paragraph one and think “I know everyone I need to”.

As part of the network, Supercede gives you access to the best relationships, risk and capital, as well as the tools to create cutting edge analytics and ultra-bespoke placements. Best of all, it’ll cost you nothing. You can thank us by making the most of it.

To get started, simply build your profile, set your appetite by line of business, product and region. You can search and filter profiles to find a match, or strike up a conversation and see what unfolds.

What are you waiting for?

Do yourself and your career justice.

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