Our Supercede FAQ covers various topics, including the company, product, data security, and more; you should be able to find most of the answers you need here. However, if you still have any unaddressed questions, feel free to get in touch with our support team or our expert sales consultants at sales@supercede.com.
Who are our investors?

We don't accept investment from companies within the insurance or reinsurance space in order to maintain our independence. Our investors are primarily software and technology VCs, including Episode 1 Ventures, MMC Ventures, and Seedcamp.

Where are we located?

We're a remote-first company and we're proud of the fact we have staff all over the world - we don't place restrictions on where people can work from.

Do you outsource web development?

No. All software development is done in-house.

How does Supercede make money?

Subscribers pay for an annual licence to upload and amend data on our platform. Read-only access is provided to allow parties to share their information without the need for the receiving party to have a contract. Underwriters are able to quote and bind deals without a contract or payment.

Will you try to become a broker?

No. Supercede was built to support the tripartite value chain. We believe previous tech solutions haven't worked because they've been built within companies that are existing participants of that process. As an independent platform, we allow equal and equitable access to cedents and brokers and underwriters which is what makes Supercede uniquely successful.

Where is our data stored?

The web application and database is hosted on AWS servers in Frankfurt, Germany.

Is my data safe?

Data ownership, integrity & security are central to everything we do. Our customers retain full ownership and control over any data they place on Supercede. We ensure security down to the user-level. Specific items of data can only be shared with express permission from you, the owner.

Is Supercede a secure platform?

We subscribe to the most robust security frameworks, including having our own independent ISO 27001 certification - the gold standard for data security, and carry out stringent, independent 3rd-party security checks on both a monthly and yearly basis. The results of these checks are always available to our clients should they wish to interrogate them further.

Who are our competitors?

Complicated manual spreadsheets, messy email communication, and file sharing technology. There are other trading platforms and tools that deal with data cleansing and data visualisation, however these are designed for insurance. Supercede is the only platform designed specifically for the intricacies of reinsurance deal-making.

Is Supercede like Whitespace, PPL or PowerBI?

We have quote and bind functionally like Whitespace and PPL. However, we don't believe that technology focused on managing documents is right for the reinsurance industry. Supercede manages the underlying data rather than documents, which allows far greater flexibility and insight. We provide the most common visualisations and analytics for buying reinsurance policies.

Microsoft PowerBI, however, can be readily used in conjunction with Supercede, ingesting Supercede’s data through open API technology.

How much do we charge / what is our pricing?

We charge a fixed annual subscription fee, largely based on the reinsurance transaction volume your company carries out. We don't charge a commission, we don't charge receiving parties you’d like to share information with so they can view or download that data, and we don't charge underwriters to quote, authorise, or bind lines of business.

Can the platform manage complex reinsurance deals?

Yes. We're built for complex and entrepreneurial deals common in the reinsurance industry, covering treaty, facultative and retrocession contracts. The system allows for multiple structure options and has the ability to refine deal terms and options at a layer level. This allows you to take advantage of the unique reinsurance relationships that drive these deals.

Do you work on Acord standards?

We work very closely with Acord to help develop existing standards, rather than complicate matters by creating our own.

How do I get data into the platform?

We're fully API capable with a publicly available API. Data can be pushed in from any other API-ready system. We also have various ways in which manual database extracts can be uploaded into our system; you can upload data directly from spreadsheets and we're constantly working to make this process simpler.

What classes and lines of business do you support?

We support all reinsurance property and casualty lines of business, across treaty, facultative and retrocession.

Will Supercede fit into my current workflow?

Supercede was intentionally designed as a standalone platform with the flexibility to connect to any other system or process, either electronically or manually. We ensure you can move data in and out of the platform at any point during the process, allowing it to be as flexible as possible when dealing with the very disparate approaches taken by cedents, brokers and reinsurers to lessen the friction in this transaction process.

How is my information shared from cedent to broker?

Cedents designate a specific user or individual(s) that they wish to share the data with. We don't ever share any data at a company-level and don't do anything without express permission of the owner.

My broker's not on the platform, how can I use Supercede with them?

Read-only access can be granted to any individual with no need for them to sign a contract or pay a fee. They would need to register on the platform to access the data, that just requires electronic acceptance of our user terms to create an account.

What exhibits can I build with Supercede?

You can build profiles based on any variable within a policy bordereau and access extensive customisation settings that allow those profiles to be manipulated based on your approach to policy stacks or different filters you wish to apply.

How can I get started with Supercede?

You can who’ll be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you might have.

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